Cocoa Brown “Are You a Cocoa friend or a Tsotsoo Friend”

Cocoa Brown “Are You a Cocoa friend or a Tsotsoo Friend”

Hello lovely people,

Bellalisciousgh here. Sorry its been ages since I posted but with family and work, it becomes hard to or should I say difficult to do what it is you enjoy doing and hope you could do all day but will try to post as more often as I can.

Today’s post or highlight comes all the way from Ghana and I must say I love everything about it. It has the wow, the pizzaz, the drama and everything that makes a great series great. It keeps you itching for more in your seats and in wanting to know what happens next, you are bound to return for the continuation.

I happened upon this series on YouTube and just series one caught my fancy that I wanted to sit through the whole eight episodes to watch but had to tame my spirit down, (really! tame)? any ways you get the gist. I literally had to control my self and take my time watching it.

If you’re wondering about what it is I’m talking about, it’s the ever posh series Cocoa Brown which is a Deloris Frimpong Manso creation. It is written and directed by Gene Adu and produced by Joyce Frimpong Agyemang. It stars Priscilla Opoku Agyemang as Cocoa Brown the main lead and character of the series and the occurrences in her world. By her side, we find her best friend Tsotsoo and her dramateous life. (Is dramateous even a word)?

I finally watched episode nine yesterday and boy did I break down to tears (yes ooo, I’m a sucker for anything emotional in a movie or series).

Now although I haven’t felt the loss of Cocoa Brown “which I never saw the loss coming” (thinking about it is bringing back tears), I did feel her pain which brings me to todays topic, friends who try to make everything about themselves without considering their friends or best friends feelings.

So in this new episode (episode 9), Cocoa is back from Kof Town (Koforidua) after burying her mum and Tsotsoo comes to visit. Now you would think this visit would be good for her friend who is going through her crisis.

Now if I came to visit my friend and found her wearing all black, I think my first question would be why are you in black. Why? Because I know my friend, I know how she dresses and her moods.

Although Tsotsoo asks all the right questions, she does not give her friend the chance to chip in an answer nor does she realise there is a change in her friends mood. For Tsotsoo, her world is falling apart because of boy issues and so she lays her request down amidst her friends woes.

If this were you (Cocoa Brown) what would you do to said friend (Tsotsoo)

Below is the video which is also found on YouTube. Now in your own life, have you had to deal with a friend like Tsotsoo whom even though she is being inconsiderate is not doing so intentionally.

I’ll leave it to you to watch and tell me what you think about their friendship (I don’t want to spoil the ending) :). Which kind of friend are you, Cocoa or Tsotsoo?

I will try to do a recap on the first 8 episodes.

Hope you enjoy this one and I would love to hear your feed back concerning this friendship on the rocks (Ooops, I almost spilled).

Till next time, stay BellaLiscious.