Zaaza with Tilapia and Kale

Zaaza with Tilapia and Kale

I always remember my school days when ever this dish comes up. I’d just got home from a hectic day at school and found my sister in-law who is from Zimbabwe prepping this good-looking meal. That day, my stress level went from ten to zero and I know some of you can identify with me : (when that good looking food with its sweet aroma makes all your troubles go away and your day worth while after eating that good and sumptuous meal).

Yes! Hallelujah.

So for me, this meal is a party on my table when ever I see it.

The Zimbabweans have different ways of eating this food but today I’m going to share with you the one that started my Zim frenzy of zaaza (Forgive me if I am not saying or spelling it right).

It is really easy and does not require a lot of prep time especially if your fish has already been cleaned by your fish monger.

This dish is packed with vitamin C, K, Vitamin A, B6, E, fibre, Iron, a good source of anti inflammatory, cardiovascular support, B12, Protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, Phosphurus and Potassium.

You can’t go wrong on this dish


1-2 cups semolina (yellow or white)

1 large Tilapia

A bundle of Kale

1 onion (Divided in 1/2)

1 Fresh tomato

Bell peppers



1/2 can Tomatoes (Blended)


Worcestershire sauce



Set oil in frying pan on fire and allow to heat up

Clean fish and devide into two equal parts

Salt and fry once once oil is hot

Fish is cooked when browned and firmed up


Set a sauce pan on fire with a little amount of water

Wash kale, cut up and pour into pan. Stir occasionally.

Remove from fire once it shrivels and reduces in quantity


Pour 1/2 a spoon of oil in pan.

Chop onions and pour into oil once hot. Add salt when onion is browning up

Allow onions to brown a little then add blended tomato and pepper to it

Allow to cook for 20-25 mins.

Add desired spices.

Cut up bell peppers in small cubes and pour into tomato sauce

Add worcestershire sauce, taste for salt and let cook for another 10 to 15 mins

Sauce is done when it has thicked up a bit and does not taste tomatoey


Set a medium pan on fire with water

Allow water to boil then pour in your semolina whisking at the same time so as it does not form lumps

When thickened, lower your heat and allow to cook so more for about 10-15 mins.

Check thickness or thoughness of mixture and adjust to desired texture

take off fire and dish up.