Gari Forto /Gari Jolloff

Gari Forto /Gari Jolloff

Gari is a staple made out of cassava and is enjoyed in Ghana and most African countries. It can be served up a number of ways from gari and peanuts to eba(gari fufu). I remember having this particular dish on Saturday mornings in Ghana with the whole family seated round the table after which we would enjoy some Tom and Jerry Cartoons. Its technicality level is real simple and easy and does not involve a whole lot of work.


2 tbspn oil

1 Onion bulb

2 cloves garlic

1 Pepper

1 can tomato (blended)

1 cup vegetable broth

1/4 white cabbage and 1/4 red cabbage

3 eggs


1 Onga cube

1/2 tspn blackpepper

3 cups gari




1 tbspn butter


In a medium sauce pan on medium heat, pour your oil

Chop onion and garlic. Add to oil once hot

Allow  to cook until translucent and starts turning light brown stirring occasionally

Add about 1 tspn salt to cooked onion

Blend tomato and pepper. Add to cooked onion

Allow tomato to cook down for about 25 mins or until it does not tast tomatoey.

Add 1 cup vegetable broth and reduce heat

Wash cabbage and thinly slice up

Add spices, allow to cook 5 mins and add cabbage. Taste for salt.

Crack eggs, whisk together, add a little water to eggs to loosen it up a bit

Pour into sections of sauce using spoon to create space in sauce so it cooks evenly

Sprinkle gari with bits of water at a time and mix together until you get a coarse grainy like texture.

Gradually scoop sauce onto gari and mix togehter


Chop spinach, kale and a small amout of onion up

In a small pan, add a small amount of butter to hot pan

Add veggies when butter begins to turn light brown. Add salt for taste

Take off fire when veggies are soft and tender upon tasting


Wash mushrooms and and pat dry.

Add butter to hot pan and allow to melt down

Add mushrooms to pan on medium high heat and let brown stirring occasionally

Add salt to taste.

Take off fire once it is browned and soft.