Easter Morning Breakfast/Brunch

Easter Morning Breakfast/Brunch

Hello everyone,

I trust we are all enjoying our Easter celebrations.

So before I dive into todays recipe, allow me to digress a bit. My family and I do not have a tradition or routine when it comes to Easter. Most times we will go to church on the Easter morning and head over to hubby’s aunt for lunch (she mostly did all the cooking).

This year we found ourselves home and not being one who has ever had to plan for Easter celebrations, I decided to do this recipe.

Its simple, fast and easy. Most people would know it as a dessert but from where I come from (Ghana), this is enjoyed as a meal for breakfast. Most people know it as “Rice Pudding” but we call it “Rice Water” i guess because of its light consistency.

How do you call “Rice Pudding” in your language?

To top it off, I made some potato cups to accompany this simple yet delicious meal.

Lets dig in.


“Rice Water”

1 cup Rice

2 cups Milk

11/2 cups Water


1-2 Negro pepper (hwentia or Grins of selim)


Handful raisins

Potato Cups Ingredients

3 Potatoes


Black pepper

1/4 Bacon

3-4 Breakfast sausage


pepper flakes

6 egges

Muffin tin



Directions for Rice water/Rice Pudding

In a medium size pot, pour your water, raisins and rice. Add the negro pepper and salt to taste.

Allow rice to cook stirring occasionally so it doesn’t stick to bottom. When the water is almost evaporated and you left with a thick mass of rice, stir in your milk adjusting consistency to desired texture.

Once texture is achieved, use a masher to mash up the rice till you get broken bits of rice in pot.

Take off heat and dish out. When you ready to eat, top with fav. fresh fruits.

Potato Cup Directions 

Peel your potatoes and grate into a bowl of water

Drain water and any excess using a kitchen towel or a sieve.

Pour drained potatoes into bowl and season with salt, black pepper, and onga shrimp spice. (Substitute if Onga spice is not available)

(Please note that you can add a binding agent such as egg whites or flour to mixture if desired). I didn’t though cos I forgot.

Mix well together and divide into oiled muffin tins.

With aid of fingers, shape into cups

Pop into a 395 degree oven and bake till edges are brown and potato is soft inside

For filling, cut up onions, bacon, breakfast sausages (squeeze out of casing), and bell peppers

In a heated fry pan, add butter and about a tablespoon of oil to prevent butter from burning

Once its heated up, pour eveything into pan and stir. Add pepper flakes about 1/2 a teaspoon or adjust to desired heat. Add desired seasoning.

Check on potatoes and bring out of oven once edges are browned.

When filling is cooked, take off heat

In a medium sized bowl, crack eggs,  and whisk, add grated marble cheese or any desired cheese.

Pour pan mixture into eggs, whisk together and pour into potato cups.

Pop back into oven and allow to cook. Stick a tooth pick in middle to check if its fully baked, if it comes out clean, take out of oven, and serve.







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