Chicken Fajita topped with avocado

Chicken Fajita topped with avocado

Flat breads are one of those foods which can be paired with anything and twisted in many different ways. Todays recipe is time efficient and less costly.

These days i’m trying to get a lot of vegetables into my dishes or food so there is always some sort of vegetable mix at hand which makes this recipes very convinient and you can have it either as a simple lunch or a simple dinner.

For this recipe, I used some left over chicken, bell peppers, mushroom, onions, garlic, dill, bacon and some seasoning.

Tortilla soft shells – Old Epaso

Please note that you can use any tortilla soft shells on hand.


In a medium pan, put some oil and allow to heat up

Once hot, put chopped onions, garlic, and other chopped veggetables into pan and allow to cook down.

Stir and allow to cook down on a low to medium heat depending on your cooker.

You can add a small amount of either water, veggie broth, or cooking wine to the bottom to deglaze it as everything tends to stick at some point.

Once everything is cooked down but still firm, its done.

Get your tortilla warmed up, and assemble. top with avocado, dill and bacon.

(Optional) You can add some mayo, yogurt or sorcream if desired.

(N.B – You can add some spice-pepper if you want it spicey)