Tatale Recipe

Tatale Recipe

This is a recipe prepared by DinamicDynasty using really soft plantains. Tatale is a delicacy of Ghana and well enjoyed by many. It can be taken either spicey or less spicey.

Seeing this picture, I can remember the days my family and I would visit my grandmother in the Eastern region and we were always greeted by this delicious delicacy or coming home from school and having this set before us for lunch.

It is a very simple dish to prepare using plantains which have gone real soft or have practically gone bad. With the addition of flour and some preferential spices, the whole family is sure to enjoy this simple and tasty meal accompamied by some gari and beans stew. You can fry this with either palm oil or vegetable oil.

Enjoy reading and prepping.


4 Plantains







In a medium sized bowl, peel and mash plantains together or blend plantains.

If blending, add salt, ginger, and pepper before blending.

Pour into bowl and gradually add flour till you get a thick consistency.

(N.B – You do not want it too thick or too runny. Just inbetween)

Set aside and allow to rest for a few mins.


In a frying pan, pour some oil and allow to warm up

Once oil is hot, scoop desired amount of mixture into pan.

Gently turn over and cook other side

Repeat action until mixture is all fried up

Serve and enjoy.




Picture4.pngTatale Watermark