Smoothie Your Morning Breakfast

Smoothie Your Morning Breakfast

I get that most mornings it is a hassle trying to get thing and everyone organized to get out the door. This sometimes means no breakfast or hassling through tracffic to get your cup of coffee or tea.

Todays recipe is a simple one which can be prepared overnight. Another way to save yourself some time is to pop everything into your blender and violar, you set to go.

I love this recipe because of the added peanut butter which makes this smoothie sustainable through out the day and its a healthy choice too.

This recipe can be prepared with any fruit on hand.


2-3 Strawberries (depending on size)

A couple handful Blueberries

1 Banana


1-2 tbspn honey

1-2 tbspn peanut butter spread



Wash fruits and pop into blender

Add milk, honey, and peanut butter

Blend and pour into cup

Enjoy chilled or at room temp.


Milk can be substituted for orange juice.20170325_133606