George Quaye-It would be an insult to my Masters Degree to respond to Mike 2

George Quaye-It would be an insult to my Masters Degree to respond to Mike 2

In a recent statement concerning his allegations about Ghanaian gospel artist buying their way to the top of the VGMA Awards show through bribery, Gospel artists offer the most bribes for VGMAs – George Quaye George Quaye has finally spoken out (but not in a way we would have expected) after a month of silence following attacks by Micheal Boateng also known as Mike 2 to resign and call out names It would be an insult to my Masters Degree to respond to Mike 2 – George Quaye.

Here is Mr. Quaye’s indirect response to Mike 2 through a facebook user known as Kelly

““Hahahahahahahahahahaha…my brother Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa dey worry. Truth Kelly is that I planned responding to them after the VGMAs on 8th February. But having taken a bit to look into some of them I realized it would be a total disgrace to my Masters Degree. You see, you can’t go chasing after a madman who steals your towel while you take a shower. Our wise men have also advised us not to argue with idiots because they will drag us into their world and defeat us with experience. Finally, what they really tried to do was bring me down.

If they weren’t beneath me already, that won’t be possible. So I chose to leave them there…beneath me. Afterall, the lion needs not turn, when a small dog barks. I respond to relevant issues and relevant people. The so called Concerned Radio jokers can come again. I still won’t pay them the attention they so desperately seek.”

Now as much as I would like to applaud Mr. Quaye for not discerning low to his attackers, his previous statement also called for this attack.

If you are going to come out with such an allegation, then you need to back it up with facts not “I am sorry”.

The idea of gospel artist bribing their way to the top has already been planted in the minds of Ghanaians which brings up questions concerning the authentication of gospel winners/ artist for this years VGMA or any other years to come based on said statement.

Ghanaians do not want to be walking around wondering if the gospel artist they revere so much is using bribery to receive an award that would acknowledge them for their hard work.

To cap off, please, biko, ye pa wo kyew, use caution and be sure of your facts next time you intend to do an exposè.


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