2017 Fall Fashion Ready to Wear Collection Out-Maki Oh

2017 Fall Fashion Ready to Wear Collection Out-Maki Oh

So I just popped on a fashion designer Maki Oh who has apparently been on the fashion world for a while and i must say I am loving her collection for this years fall 2017 which she has tagged Ready to Wear.

The wears are bold, loud, beautiful, Elegant, funky and edgy and fused with both African and conventional styles using Adire fabrics

For any fashion lover of any style, you are bound to find something in her collection to fit your mood or style.

Looking at the collection, I have two picks

Both speak for themselves giving edgy and sharp, dark with a mix of romance for the second look. the first look gives elegance, subtlety, an alluring atmosphere to its character.

Looking at both looks I pick the first look

Subtle, Elegant, Peaceful

The background really does compliment the style.

I am also loving the bold Fashion statements Maki Oh makes with her cloths such as No Condition Is Permanent and No Standing. 

Check out the full collection below


For more on makioh visit http://www.makioh.com

Image source Zen Magazine