Syrians Settle In Ghana As War Continues

Syrians Settle In Ghana As War Continues

Image by Jordi Perdigo

According to a news report by CTV news, Syrians are finding refuge in Ghana since the war broke out says power house CTV NEWS.

Abdul Ghani Bandenjki who first came to Ghana to officiate at prayers during the Ramadan holy month, returned with his family when the war broke out.

He tutors the Quranic in Accra, Ghana’s capital  while his seventeen year old son has adjusted well to life in Ghana and is studying hard in school.

Tetteh Padi, program co-ordinator for Ghana’s refugee board said this in an interview

“I think what makes Ghana different is the fact that we have a very generous asylum policy,”

So far 130 refugees have been granted refugee status and more requests for asylum are being considered.